Upcoming Events

Wednesday, May 27:
Families Anonymous is a 12-Step. Mutual support for parents and families of children and young adults with alcohol, drug abuse and/or emotional problems. familiesanonymous.org Read more
Thursday, May 28:
In these times of physical distancing we want you to stay connected (even if it's virtually) with your Holy Spirit Family.  Each Thursday evening at 7pm Father Jerry will host some Social Time (you will be asked to particpate if you login) to "see" your brothers and sisters in Christ as we "fast from public worship."  Zoom logon information is the same each week; to acess it click the "laptop" photo or see below. Read more
Sunday, May 31:
Pentecost is Sunday, May 31 this year; wear RED -- yes, even with Virch -- wear RED.  This festival day is our Church's patron feast day.  At our 10 am Worship we hear part of the Scripture in several languages.  Our annual RED Coffee Hour will have to be postponed until another time when we care share a family meal in the same room.  Happy Pentecost! Read more
Sunday, May 31:
Not this year!  Maybe next! Read more
Sunday, May 31:
Our Spiritual Enrichment Group, which typically meets in our lower level kitchen, will continue to meet online on Sundays at 11:30am.  We will be using "Life Together Apart with Kate Bowler" for the next seven weeks of Easter.  For logon information, contact Patti Walsh or Father Jerry. Read more
Sunday, May 31:
Join us for ***VIRTUAL*** Sunday School every other week at 11:30am.  On Sunday, May 31, we gather again and logon information has been sent to parents. Read more
Mission Trip 2018
Monday, June 1:
MAY 3, 2020 UPDATE -- Due to the ongoing concerns with the pandemic of 2020 our Mission Trip for this year has been cancelled. Read more
Tuesday, June 2:
A Living Sober AA Meeting takes place in the Followship Hall. www.aaonlinemeeting.net/living-sober.html Read more