Upcoming Events

Holy Spirit Verona Food Pantry
Saturday, January 22:
Our Pantry will continue local home deliveries for January 2022 and accept shoppers on Saturday, January 22 from 9-11am, our usual 4th Saturday distribution day. Shoppers must maintain physical distancing and remain within their cars.  Volunteers will be required to wear masks and will bring pre-packaged bags to shoppers' cars.   Read more
Sunday School - May 2021
Sunday, January 23:
Due to Covid numbers in our area, Sunday School (including Mr. Carlucci's Jr/HS Class) is being conducted online this week.  Students should arrive to the Sunday Worship Zoom Link by 9:55am on Sunday, January 23, 2022.  Our Virtual Verger will place students into a Zoom Breakout Room with teachers.  Any questions about Sunday School, please email Father Jerry. Read more
Sunday, January 23:
A Celebration of Life for Richard T. Read more
Monday, January 24:
A 12:15pm AA Meeting will take place in our Fellowship Hall. Read more
COHS Labyrinth 2016
Monday, January 24:
Our Sacred Ground Dialogue Circle will gather via Zoom on Monday, January 24 from 7-9pm.  Sacred Ground is a film- and readings-based 10-part series on race, grounded in faith, that walks participants through chapters of America’s history of race and racism, while weaving in threads of family story, economic class, and political and regional identity.  If you have any questions, please email Deacon Katherine or Father Jerry. Read more
Tuesday, January 25:
A Living Sober AA Meeting takes place in our Fellowship Hall. www.aaonlinemeeting.net/living-sober.html Read more
Wednesday, January 26:
On Wednesday, January 26 at 1pm a small group will gather to meditate and knit. This is a spiritual practice that benefits the practitioner and those gifted with these sacred mantles.  This ministry is nondenominational and open to anyone who is seeking to step away from their daily stresses with an alternative form of meditation.  Please email Rev. Katherine for additional information. Read more
Wednesday, January 26:
Holy Spirit Verona will host the UNICO Verona Chapter for a 50th Anniversary Dinner Planning Meeting.  The gathering will be held in the Fellowship Hall on Wednesday, January 26 starting at 7pm. Read more
Al Anon
Thursday, January 27:
A 1pm Al Anon Meeting will take place in our Fellowship Hall Read more
The Presentation - Redeemer Morristown
Sunday, January 30:
We will celebrate The Feast of The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple on Sunday, January 30 because the actual feast day of this milestone in Jesus' life is February 2.  The roles of the prophets Simeon (think Nunc dimittis in Evening Prayer) and Anna are emphasized on this day.  A female prophet?  YES!  Her name is Anna, and she was an 84-year old widow when Jesus was brought to the temple as an infant.  #wisewoman  #candlemas  #nuncdimittis Read more