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We chose Holy Spirit because...


We chose Holy Spirit because...

"This is my home. All of the activities, all of what we see at church are a collective effort of putting our faith into action. We don’t see any bystanders here; everyone participates. It’s a humbling and wonderful experience to be part of this community.”  - Member since 1985

Clone of Diocesan Convention 2022

Friday, May 6 to Saturday, May 7

On Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7, the Diocese of Newark will host the 2022 Diocesan Convention at a TBD location.  Representing Holy Spirit Verona in-person will be Reverend Katherine and Father Jerry.  All parishioners are invilted to watch the meeting via YouTube along with our deputation: Yolanda SilverioReggie Mitchell and alternates Christyne Gaffney, Christine Liaukus and Patti Walsh.


Sunday, April 17
Easter Sunday 2019

Jesus Christ is risen!  Alleluia!  On this festival day, we will have one ??? ***ONLINE*** Worship Service at 10am; there will be no 8am Worship Service on Easter Sunday.  Logon information listed below or click on the photo.

The Alleluia Banner will also be dug up (which was buried on Ash Wednesday) at 9:50am by Father Jerry; kids should logon early.

Back Online We Go!

Due to the dramatic increase in Covid cases in Essex County over the past several weeks, your Rector, Curate and Chruchwardens have made the very hard decision to move our worship services back online as of Sunday, December 26.  All services will still be available via Zoom, and the 10am also via Facebook Please spread the word.  Worship leaders may report in-person on the day in which they are assigned a liturgical role.

Stewardship Campaign Under Way

On Sunday, October 24, we kicked off our Stewardship Campaign. This is the time of year when we each recommit our time, talent and treasure to the Holy Spirit Community.  The theme is "Every Perfect Gift" and is an opportunity to share our gifts through our service to the world.  Recommitment Forms are due back by November 21.  We are reminded that every perfect gift comes from God above; how can you share those gifts?

Stewardship Forms 2022

Our stewardship work takes place all year long, but we each recommit our time, talent, and treasure in October-November to plan for the following year.  Please complete these forms to make your pledge for 2022; the Parish Information Sheet (second page) only needs to be completed if you are new to the parish OR if you or a family member has any data changes (phone, email, address, etc.).  Forms should be returned to the Baptismal Font in the Sanctuary by Sunday, November 21, 2021.

Easter 2021: Resurrection Moments

Outdoor Worship - May 2, 2021

Happy Easter!  Yes, like Christmas, Easter is a Season not just a day.  There are seven Sundays of Easter before we get to Pentecost – our Feast Day.  This time between Easter Sunday and Pentecost are often referred to as the Great 50 Days of Easter.  What are you doing to make them great?  Have you thought about your “resurrection moments”?  Times in your life when things have been transformative, and something “changed” for the better.  I hope that reflecting on the situations from your past is providing you with additional resilience in this time of pandemic.

Diocesan Convention 2021

Saturday, June 26

On Saturday, June 26, from 9am to 12pm the Diocese of Newark will host a shortened Diocesan Convention on a soccer field in Short Hills.  Representing Holy Spirit Verona in-person will be Deacon Katherine Rollo.  All parishioners are invilted to watch the meeting via YouTube along with our deputation: Rosemary GabbeYolanda SilverioKen Traficante along with alternates Christine Liaukus and Sunovia Scudder.


Sunday, April 25
The Good Shepherd

Join us on Sunday, April 25 as we join the greater Christian Church in celebrating The Feast of the Good Shepherd.  Jesus is given the title in the Gospel of John, and we celebrate this on the Fourth Sunday of Easter.  You might also see some sheep (you know the ones from our Christmas Pageant) on your Virch screen.  How many can you find?

***ONLINE*** Holy Week 2021 Schedule

holy week schedule

All Services for Holy Week 2021 will be offered ***ONLINE***:

PALM SUNDAY - March 28

return "Lent: 40 Days, 40 Items" Food Drive boxes to be blessed during worship

8am - Quiet Eucharist with reading of The Passion

10am* - Choral Eucharist and reading of The Passion

[click here for full schedule]


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