XI Bishop Electing Convention

Saturday, May 19

On Saturday, May 19 all of the churches in the Diocese of Newark will send deputies to elect a new Bishop for our Diocese.  The deputies from the Church of the Holy Spirit Verona will be: Jane EliasofKaren Pensiero or Ken Traficante, plus Father Jerry.  Please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit on this Pentecost weekend.

Verona's Memorial Day Parade

Monday, May 28
Memorial Day Parade

Holy Spirit Verona will once again participate in the Township's Annual Memorial Day Parade.  If you're interested in walking or riding with Holy Spirit, please meet at Everett Field at 9:45 am.  There will also be a contingent of Holy Spirit folks in front of Terry's Drugs to watch the parade.


Sunday, May 13
Celebrating Mothers' Day

Sunday, May 13, in celebration of all women, we are asking members to bring in photos of any mom, grandma, aunt, female figure, etc. you would like to celebrate for Mothers' Day this year.  We will display the photos of these special women on the altar, and we'll hold them in prayer during the 10am Worship.


Sunday, June 17
Celebrating Our Dads

On Sunday, June 17, at the 10am Worship, Holy Spirit Verona will celebrate all male role-models in our lives.  Names may be listed at the front of the church (near the pulpit) "In Honor of" or "In Memory of", and a special prayer will be offered.  Join us!

Blessing of High School Seniors

Sunday, June 10

On Sunday, June 10 at our 10am Worship we will celebrate our graduating high school seniors.  We will congratulate them on their achievements and bless them in their future endeavors.

Red Coffee Hour

Sunday, May 20

As a part of our Pentecost Sunday (our Feast Day) celebration, we host a RED COFFEE HOUR where parishioners bring in all sorts of food and drink items that are red.  Be creative and have some fun.

Sign-up list for what you can bring is in the Fellowship Hall.  Didn't sign-up to bring something?  Just bring a red food item to share!

Recognition Sunday

Sunday, June 24
Thank You

At the 10am Worship Service on Sunday, June 24 we will say THANK YOU to our dedicated Sunday School Teachers and Music Director.  This will be the final Sunday of our formal program year as we move into Summer mode.  This will be the last Sunday for our Church School until the second Sunday in September.

Holy Spirit Verona Featured in Diocesan Article

Palm Sunday 2017

Check out the recent Diocese of Newark newsletter (The Voice) article that featured Church of the Holy Spirit and our use of Eco-Palms.


B&G Spring Work Day

Saturday, April 14

On Saturday, April 14 starting at 8:30am (until about 11am, or as long as you can stay), members of the Buildings & Grounds Committee will gather for our Spring Work Day.  Please join us for a hot breakfast, laughter and a few chores as we tidy up the church building and grounds.  All are welcome to help out!

Food Pantry Committee Meeting

Sunday, May 6

Our Loaves & Fishes (L&F) Committee will meet on Sunday, May 6 after Coffee Hour (11:45am-ish) to discuss our progress and tasks moving forward.

Please gather in the kitchen on the lower level around 11:45am to help build up this life-giving Holy Spirit Verona ministry.


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