For Newcomers

greeting line

Visitors and newcomers are welcome throughout the year at the Church of the Holy Spirit.

All who seek God and are drawn to Jesus Christ are welcome to receive Holy Communion.

We encourage you to stay after the worship service for coffee hour to meet some of the people who make up the Holy Spirit family. If you have questions about the Episcopal faith or Holy Spirit in particular, you are welcome to meet with the Rector or other parishioners.

Upcoming Events

Sunday School - February 2020
Sunday, September 20:
For the fall of 2020 we will be trying something different for our Children's Christian Formation Program.  Every other Sunday beginning September 13 from 11:45am to 12:30pm Father Jerry (along with our Sunday School teacher, other volunteers and parents) will host an in-person outdoor Sunday School Program.  For further information, email Father JerryRead more