Stewardship Story #1 - Holy Spirit is the place to be!

Yolanda Silverio

The following was shared during Worship on Sunday, October 29 by a parishioner in response to "Why I like Holy Spirit Verona."

Good Morning Holy Spirt!  When Father Jerry asked me to speak here at Holy Spirit during this Stewardship Campaign, I said “Absolutely, I am honored."  Although I have been a parishioner since August of this year, it feels more like years.  I have been graciously welcomed by all at Holy Spirit. 

Stewardship is all about giving your time, your talent and re-committing to give what is comfortable for you.  Some of us subscribe to magazines, to cable TV and even to the gym for the purpose of pleasure to escape from the stress of your daily life.  But when it comes to re-committing to your church you do it to nourish your soul.  In the short period of time that I have been a parishioner here at Holy Spirit, I have seen a light at the end of the tunnelMy spirit is completely lifted.  I have been looking for this spiritual lift for quite some time, and I have found it here at Holy Spirit.  I see so much joy in everyone here and it is truly contagious.

There is so much talent at Holy Spirit.  We have gardeners, chefs, real estate agents, florists, roofers, caterers, just to name a few, and we even have a Priest!  What more can we ask God for?  Today, when there is so much uncertainty in this world one thing for sure is that Holy Spirit is the place to be on Sunday’, to give you the courage to carry on your daily life.  Moving forward in the coming months and years, I truly believe that Holy Spirit will continue to flourish and to strive in the pillars of this community.  Here at Holy Spirit it feels like one big family and, in fact, it is one big family.

As you wake up each and every morning ask not what God can do for you, but rather what you can do for God.  I am so happy to be a part of Holy Spirit, and I pray, and HOPE for many years to come.  Thank you, and Blessings.