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Grateful and Proud

by Jerry A. Racioppi

Early on in my time as rector at Holy Spirit Verona I was told about a Mission Trip that Holy Spirit Verona sponsored to Grace House on the Mountain in St. Paul, VA.  Although an Episcopal Church sponsored site, I was not familiar with it.  Several of the Holy Spirit parishioners raved about their experience at Grace House.  My second summer (2016) at Holy Spirit, we considered doing a Mission Trip, but we felt we did not have the momentum to have a decent attendance.  

Congregation Members to Pray for COHS Missioners

Mission Trip 2017 Participants (minus one)

by Jerry

Today at our 8am and 10m worship services small cards were given to members not attending the Mission Trip with the names of those attending.  We ask that everyone pray for our missioners before, during and after the trip.  We are one family.

Holy Spirit Verona Mission Trip 2017 - Grace House on the Mountain Blog


by Jerry

Here begins the Holy Spirit Verona 2017 Mission Trip Blog...

On Saturday, July 15, 2017 twelve people will journey from the Holy Spirit Verona parking lot on their way to Grace House on the Mountain in St. Paul, VA.

Click here for the Mission Trip Blog... and see how the trip is going!

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