Holy Spirit Verona Food Pantry Shelves

Current Food Pantry Needs

Here is our current (December 2021) needs list (in order of importance): canned veggies canned fruit pasta sauce toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner jelly and peanut butter canned meat (corned beef hash, chef-boy-ar-dee, chicken) coffee detergent (50oz size or smaller) tuna caned beans Read more

The Story of our Food Pantry

Our long time dream has become a reality. Led by the Outreach Committee, our congregation has always participated in activities to help those in need, but longed for a way to help those in our community directly. Read more

We chose Holy Spirit because...

We chose Holy Spirit because... "This is my home. All of the activities, all of what we see at church are a collective effort of putting our faith into action. We don’t see any bystanders here; everyone participates. It’s a humbling and wonderful experience to be part of this community.”  - Member since 1985 Read more

Epiphany House Blessing

It is a tradition in many Christian households to offer an Epiphany House Blessing using chalk to mark the current year and the initials of the Magi above the outside doorways of homes.  A cross is placed between each of the letters; this year the marking would be 20+C+M+B+22 (each year the last two digits would change).  Then the prayer listed below (scroll down or click on the Moravian Star) is said. Read more

Christmas Pageant 2021

Once again our Christmas Pageant was pre-recorded (like last year).  The movie was compiled by our very own Stephen Gaffney (thank you, Stephen!).  We debuted the video on Sunday, December 12 at 10am when we also celebrated a Children's Eucharist.  To see the video of the Pageant, inspired by, click here. Read more
The Angel of the Altar

Angel on the Altar Returns!

Our Sunday School students will once again receive a visit from The Angel on The Altar this Advent.  At the conclusion of classes, students will join Fr. Jerry in looking for the angel. Then an animated discussion takes place determining what the angel is trying to tell us about Advent, Christmas, Jesus or the Church in general.  She'll make her first appearance on Sunday, November 28 (First Sunday of Advent). Read more
Advent Wreath Main Church

It's Advent! What's the big deal?

Why does Father Jerry get so passionate about this season?  Advent is our time to "prepare ye!"  It's a reflective season, when we awaken to the arrival of the Christ-child and are reminded to "in stillness wait" and "wait in hope." How can Advent at Holy Spirihelp you do that?  Are you making space for God in your life during this time?  Click on photo (or see below) to peruse a great list! Read more
Advent Angel Tree 2018

Outreach Angel Tree 2021

The Outreach Committee continues the tradition of the Angel Tree in the Fellowship Hall.  This year we are collecting donations for St. Peter's Haven in Clifton.  Needed items include new toys ages 8 to 13.  Please DO NOT wrap the gifts or use gift bags.  The volunteers at St. Peter's Haven will wrap and label them accordingly.  Toys are due by Sunday, December 12.  Any questions, speak with Catherine Tamasik or Mary Garland.  For more information on St. Peter's Haven, click here or see below. Read more

Partnership with St. Peter's Livingston Thrift Shop

We have begun a short-term agreement with the St. Peter's Livingston Thrift Shop.  All proceeds from the Shop will be used as outreach ministry donations determined by a Committee made up of Thrift Shop representatives and Holy Spirit leaders.  For more information, visit the Shop's website or email the manager.  To read the complete details in a letter from Father Jerry and our Churchwardens, click Thift Shop Logo or scroll down. Read more

Pre-Advent = 3 Extra Weeks

At Holy Spirit Verona we share in three weeks of "Pre-Advent" -- the three Sundays between All Saints and Advent 1.  During this time we encourage you to take an intentional “pause” before the waiting and preparing of Advent.  Advent used to be seven weeks, up until the 12th century, and there is a small movement within the Church to return to that (  Many of the scripture readings and prayers after All Saints give a hint or lean towards Advent, so Father Jerry says... why not just go there! Read more