Adult Education


Adult Education at Church of the Holy Spirit can also be referred to as Spiritual Enrichment.  Topics we focus on are meant to enrich and enliven one's relationships with God, self and others.  Throughout the year we offer the following opportunities for spiritual growth to members and the greater Verona community:

Education Series – Often held on Sundays after Coffee Hour or during a week night, sometimes in a particular season of the year (like Lent or Advent).  Various topics on spirituality, wellness and Bible study are offered by trained facilitators.

Centering Prayer Group – Our Centering Prayer Group is on hiatus at this time.  We normally spend twenty minutes centering and another hour discussing a spirituality topic selected by the group.  Centering Prayer may provide a method for you to find divine peace and to be present with the indwelling God.  Centering Prayer is a form of Contemplative Prayer, opening our hearts and minds to God, the Ultimate Mystery, beyond any thoughts, words and feelings.  It is a prayer in silence, practicing what the Psalmist teaches us: “Be still and know that I am God.”

Upcoming Events

Sunday, August 16:
Our Spiritual Enrichment Group, which typically meets in our lower level kitchen, will continue to meet online on Sundays at 11:30am.  We will be using Richard Rohr's Contemplation & Action daily emails to lead our discussion.  For logon information, contact Patti Walsh or Father Jerry. Read more
Bishop Carlye J. Hughes
Thursday, August 20:
Bishop Hughes is eager to spend time in continued conversation with the members of the diocese, to reflect and consider what we, our churches, and our communities have learned and experienced as we have adjusted to the changes this time has demanded of us.  On Thursday, August 20 19 at 6pm she will host a Zoom Conference for all members of Holy Spirit Verona and our South Central cluster of churches.  Login information will be shared via email. Read more
Symbol of Story Sunday 2016
Sunday, August 23:
On Sunday, August 23, we are encouraging you to "bring" an item to virch that tells us about your personal story -- holy stuff as it were.  In the Gospel for this Sunday, Jesus asks "who do people say the Son of Man is?"  We are asking you to speak about an item (during the sermon time) that tells us who you are.  Share with us something that is a symbol of your personal story. Read more